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By Jilly Barton

ISBN-10: 1429411228

ISBN-13: 9781429411226

ISBN-10: 1840244585

ISBN-13: 9781840244588

Whilst your cloudy day wishes a silver lining, this e-book of quirky inspirational assistance is certain to convey sunshine. how to brighten your day!

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Repeat ten times. By the time you have finished any physical tension will be well and truly banished. 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine_INS32 32 20/10/2005 15:31:02 30 Be creative. Knit a scarf, rearrange your furniture, or paint a mug or a plate at a ceramic café. 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine_INS33 33 20/10/2005 15:31:03 31 If you’re feeling hard done by, write a gratitude list. Include everything from the basics (a roof over your head) to your talents and abilities, your friends and family, and the downright frivolous, such as that snazzy pair of shoes that you snapped up in the sales.

123 Ways to Instant Sunshine 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine_INS62 62 20/10/2005 15:31:27 60 Get witty and read the likes of Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain. 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine_INS63 63 20/10/2005 15:31:28 61 Visit a church. Even if you’re an atheist or an agnostic, churches usually have an air of calm that can soothe a heavy heart. 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine_INS64 64 20/10/2005 15:31:29 62 Light candles instead of using the electric lights.

123 Ways to Instant Sunshine 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine_INS42 42 20/10/2005 15:31:10 40 If you are worried about impending change, stop fretting about it and embrace it instead. Think of it as an adventure rather than a daunting prospect, and remember that it’s not change itself that causes pain, but our resistance to it. 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine 123 Ways to Instant Sunshine_INS43 43 20/10/2005 15:31:11 41 Write a letter. In these days of e-mail and instant messaging putting pen to paper is a novelty that will distract you from your doldrums.

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