40. A Doonesbury Retrospective 1980 to 1989 - download pdf or read online

By Garry Trudeau

Created through the crew that introduced you The entire some distance Side and The whole Calvin and Hobbes, the big anthology 40 marks Doonesbury's40th anniversary via studying extensive the characters that experience given the strip such power. This moment quantity of the four-volume book variation of 40 covers the years 1980 to 1989 for the distinguished comic strip strip.

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Hint: You’ve been seeing a lot of her lately. A reader recently noted that Alex has become the new center of gravity in the strip, that Doonesbury’s auspices have passed from Mike to his daughter. What a concept. Alex was only born in 1988, but now, from her shaky perch as an insecure undergraduate she rules. The strip’s original animating idea—that it’s inherently interesting to watch a generation come of age—repeats itself. Of course, not all the newer characters are young—Elias, the Vet Center counselor; Cora, the sexual trauma specialist; Sherm, the studio owner; and Dr.

As southerners, they were widely distrusted by their NVA allies, not just because their loyalties were suspect, but also as a result of a deep cultural gap. The more urbane northerners regarded the Viet Cong as unsophisticated farm boys, Mekong Delta rednecks. But these were Phred’s people, and it seemed to me that an effort to look at the war as they had experienced it was long overdue. The first fighter I talked to had fought from the Cu Chi tunnel complex just north of Saigon. His experiences were filled with every sort of deprivation and horror imaginable.

For his steady guidance I will always be appreciative. 30 years ago, David Stanford came on as a personal assistant, and shortly thereafter started editing the Doonesbury books, which he does to this day. com and the guiding force behind our milblog, The Sandbox, David has been sounding board, confidant, and brother. I cannot thank him enough. 25 years ago, George Corsillo was brought in to work on a Doonesbury desk diary. He has been my design guru and colormaster ever since. As I was originally a graphics guy myself, George’s work gives me an inordinate amount of pleasure.

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