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By Elsa Kok Colopy

ISBN-10: 0307458431

ISBN-13: 9780307458438

The ninety nine how you can cope and upward thrust above fear and pressure are grouped into different types that come with “Guard Your Rest”, “Dream a Little”, “Pursue fit Diversions”, and “Dive Into Truth”.

Elsa Kok Colopy is the affiliate editor for Focus at the Family journal. She’s authored 4 books and leads women’s retreats through the usa. for additional info, stopover at

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The fun thing about dreaming along these lines is that you just may discover what God has planted as a passion in your heart. Dream. You are king or queen of the world—what would you do to bring hope to the hurting masses? Nothing alleviates stress and worry like allowing love to consume your thoughts. I’m not talking about romantic love, though that can be a part of it. I’m talking about simply loving other people. I once asked God to give me eyes to see people as he sees them. I found myself delighting in the smile of a friend or the voice of a singer or the words of an author.

Maybe someone betrayed, rejected, or abandoned you. The thought of building friendships adds a whole new layer of stress to your world. Can I encourage you to take that hurt to God? Pour it out to him. Vent your anger. Lay it at his feet… and then, try again. Friendship is too vital, too important to toss aside. Yes, some people will hurt you, and some will walk away. But others will not. There are those who will stand with you through thick or thin. Don’t miss those treasured companions because of a bad experience.

My fishing pole hangs over the edge—ready at a moment’s notice to capture wriggling, gleaming, championship fish. I can envision the touching moment of scooping up my first bass, kissing his gills, thanking him for the challenge, and setting him free. It brings me joy just thinking about it. Which is why I’m devoting a section to dreaming. There’s nothing like a little daydreaming to dispel the cobwebs of worry and stress. You’ll find a series of questions under each heading. Whether you pull out a piece of paper or sit and daydream over a cup of coffee, have fun with it.

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