A Bethlehem Christmas: Celebrating the Joyful Season by Charles R. Swindoll PDF

By Charles R. Swindoll

ISBN-10: 1404104682

ISBN-13: 9781404104686

The realm replaced eternally one Bethlehem evening. Best-selling writer Charles R. Swindoll invitations us to chill and revel in his own and fascinating retelling of the 1st Christmas tale. Combining either regal secret and humble human adventure, the publication specializes in 4 significant characters: Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, and Immanuel. A Bethlehem Christmas presents biblical perception with the guts and heat of a proficient storyteller to carry what occurred on the nativity to life and renew the cheerful wish of Christmas.

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It will introduce the next age through the signs and wonders of Almighty God and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. We will be participants in the greatest production by the Holy Spirit of God that the human race has ever seen. 2 Insensitivity to God The third chapter of Mark speaks of a time when Jesus and His disciples went into the synagogue. There, the Pharisees watched and waited, trying to accuse Him of some violation of their traditions. Mark 3:1 And he entered again into the synagogue; and there was a man there which had a withered hand.

It wouldn't be long before she had me feeling guilty because I was reprimanding her! This was the way I was talking to the Lord. " This particular auditorium did not have a foyer. My staff had set up the book tables inside the auditorium. I have given absolute strict orders in our meetings that the book tables be shut down when anyone is ministering or any time that the Spirit of God is moving. The workers had covers pulled over the book tables to indicate that they were closed. Someone had lifted up the covers and picked out some books expecting to be waited on.

Until we learn to become sensitive to the integrity of our own word, we will not understand what it means to act on God's Word. His power comes from His keeping His Word, from His keeping it and from our keeping it. Without knowing this it is almost impossible to grow spiritually and experience the better things of God. That is what is wrong in so many marriages. People are insensitive to the covenant that they have made. They said, "I do," and forgot it 15 minutes later. Men and women who begin to have trouble in their marriage should know the Bible marriage vows so well that the very moment that strife comes in they run to the communion table.

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