Download PDF by Zeina Abirached: A game for swallows : to die, to leave, to return

By Zeina Abirached

ISBN-10: 0761385681

ISBN-13: 9780761385684

ISBN-10: 157505941X

ISBN-13: 9781575059419

Dwelling in the course of civil battle in Beirut, Lebanon, Zeina and her brother face a night of apprehension while their mom and dad don't go back from a trip to the opposite facet of the town

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Almost nodded off There. HM The youngest, Jeanette, was very good wiTh her hands. To help him out, she did little bits of sewing for people in The neighborhood. I parked The car in front of The Abu Jamil gas station at five This morning. I figured maybe it was The only way to be first in line. Chucri started out running little errands for people in The building: clearing away broken tile, pasting clear plastic sheeting on The windows, plugging up shrapnel holes in The walls . . 52 So, were you?

He had just dropped a customer off at The central bank, west of The city, and was heading home. He phoned his wife to reassure her before hitting The road. Chucri answered. “Tell your moTher I’m coming,” his faTher said. The next day, Saïd’s car was found abandoned on The side of The road, wiThout seats or tires, on one of The roads allowing passage between The eastern and western parts of The city. No one ever found out what had happened to Saïd. HIC ZZZ Hee 51 From a young age, Chucri had to scramble to support his moTher and provide for his Three younger sisters.

You are! 48 KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK Good evening, Anhala. Here already? Yes. The children were all alone when it started. It might be a long night. I brought some blankets . . and a head of lettuce! Freshly washed! Washed lettuce? Why, Thank you, Chucri! Set it over There and come in! 49 Hiy Heh heh Hiyaa! Hiyaa! Yaa! Oh-Ho Yaa! 50 ! aa ! I made some coffee. Chucri was The son of Salma, The building caretaker. He was 16 when war broke out in 1975. A year later, his faTher, Saïd, a taxi driver, disappeared.

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