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The globalisation of social, cultural and monetary family is facilitated, and even as conditioned by means of advancements within the info and communications applied sciences (ICT) and infrastructure. Human wisdom introduced mankind from an oral to a literate tradition, due to the discovery of print media. the improvement of digital media within the final century prepared the ground for the data age, during which spatial and temporal constraints are lifted.

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As a result, there is no single road to the Information Society. Every country has its own particularities and these are very heavily determined by national political objectives. As in every dossier, subsidiarity plays an important role here too and different national authorities in Europe react differently to the plans of Brussels (and this mainly due to national specificities). A third somewhat contradictory conclusion is that there is so much information society-planning going on in a time when state planning is considered to be obsolete because of the policies of liberalization and the flexible circumstances that an information society is supposed to require.

The growth of jobs defined as information or knowledge-intensive is deemed to lead to much greater individual autonomy and power in the workplace. Another borrowing here is the assertion that material issues (such as those pertaining to wealth and income) or the ‘politics of distribution’ are now much less salient compared to ‘the politics of representation’, or in extreme cases, compared to the ‘end of politics’ in the modern sense. Another echo comprises a set of presumptions about the decline (if not death) of larger-scale ‘modern’ social solidarities and integration mechanisms, and an increasing obsession with individual consumer(ist) or small discrete group identities or cultures.

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