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By Joseph A. Fitzmyer

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1 §402). The accent in the fourth line was probably over an E (possibly [D]E[DICAVIT] or [D]E[DIT] or [F]E[CIT], '-Josephus mentions him (Ant. 5 §177), as does also Ph\\o( Embassy to Ga/ΜΛ 38, §299305). Cf. Mark 15:1-44; Matt 27:2-65; Luke 3:1; 13:1: 23:1-52; John 18:29-38; 19:1-38; Acts3:13;4:27; 13:28; 1 Tim 6:13. Cf. F. Morison[ = A. H. Ross], And Pilate Said—A New Study of the Roman Procurator (New York: Scribner. 1940); Paul L. Maier, Pontius Pilate (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1968). 2); cf.

But pockets of Palestinian Jews also used Hebrew, even though its use was not widespread. The emergence of the targums supports this. The real problem is the influence of these languages on one another. Grecized Aramaic is still to be attested in the first century. It begins to be attested in the early second century and becomes abundant in the third and fourth centuries. Is it legitimate to appeal to this evidence to postulate the same situation earlier? Latin was really a negligible factor in the language-situation of first-century Palestine, since it was confined for the most part to the Roman occupiers.

Yelnitzky, "The Caesarea Inscription of Pontius Pilate and Its Historical Significance," Vesinik drevneimon/3 (93. 1965) 142-46 [Russian]; C. Brusa Gerra, "Le iscrizioni/'Scavjdi Caesarea Mariiima(Milan: Istituto lombardo, 1965) 217-20; A. N. SherwinWhite, Review of A. Frova, "L'iscrizione. . " JRS 54 (1964) 258-59. H. Volkmann, Gymnasium 75 (1968) 124-35; E. Weber,"Zur Inschrift des Pontius Pilatus" Bonner Jahrbücher 171 (1971)194-200; E. Schürer. HJPAJC(re\. , 1973), 1. 357-59. Cf. L. I. Levine, Roman Caesarea: An Archaeological-Topographical Study (Qedem, 2; Jerusalem: Hebrew University, 1975) 19-21.

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