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By M. Perret Catipovic

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This choice of vintage and modern essays - from the likes of Freud, Blos and Laufer - makes an immense contribution to the reassessment of psychoanalytic realizing and remedy of adults.

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43These complaints, which come from two sides, from the parents as well as from the analytic workers themselves, seem to me to warrant closer study and investigation than they have received so far. Adolescence in the psychoanalytic literature The psychoanalytic study of adolescence began, as is well known, in 1905 with the relevant chapter of the Three Essays on Sexuality. Here, puberty was described as the time when the changes set in which give infantile sexual life its final shape. Subordination of the erotogenic zones to the primacy of the genital zone; the setting up of new sexual aims, different for males and females; and the finding of new sexual objects outside the family were listed as the main events.

The close relations existing between these phantasies and myths has been demonstrated in the case of the last instance by Otto Rank ( 1909). [Cf. ] It has justly been said that the Oedipus complex is the nuclear complex of the neuroses, and constitutes the essential part of their content. It represents the peak of infantile sexuality, which, through its after-effects, exercises a decisive influence on the sexuality of adults. Every new arrival on this planet is faced by the task of mastering the Oedipus complex; anyone who fails to do so falls a victim to neurosis.

3. Obstacles in the libido economy. Comparison with the states of mourning and unhappy love. Experience has taught us to take a serious view of such major and repeated inadequacies of the analytic technique. They cannot be explained away by individual characteristics of the patients under treatment nor by any accidental or environmental factors which run counter to it. Nor can they be overcome simply by increased effort, skill, and tact on the part of the analyst. They have to be taken as indications that something in the inner structure of the disturbances themselves differs markedly from the pattern of those illnesses for which the analytic technique has been devised originally and to which it is most frequently applied ( Eissler, 1950).

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