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By Catherine Tiplady; C.A.B. International

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Tiplady) 17 18 C. Tiplady likely that people have a mixture of these attitudes, and these may change over time and depending on personal experiences with the type of animal involved. For example, many view ‘pest’ animals differently to companion animals. There is no single category that is pathognomonic for an abuser. Animal hoarders, for example may initially be motivated by moralistic and humanistic attitudes to rescue and house unwanted animals that would otherwise be euthanized. Soon, however, these people may be overwhelmed and neglect and suffering of animals is the result.

The animal was deliberately abused as an act of revenge toward the woman owner. 2. The cruelty was filmed. 3. The perpetrators thought their actions were amusing. 4. The perpetrator had a history of violent crime. 5. People who heard details of the cruelty were emotionally upset. Can you think of any other points that stand out in this case? Animal Abuse and the Internet Animal abusers may use the Internet to search for scenes of animal abuse, to learn animal abuse techniques or to post footage and images of themselves abusing animals.

Despite many protected species available at the market, authorities take no action to close it down because animist practices are feared by many including the agents (IFAW). ) • • • • Military dogs and horses abandoned to fend for themselves when troops move on. Mules used as draught animals in the jungles of Burma had their vocal cords severed to silence them during the campaign against the Japanese. Animals destroyed inhumanely rather than enter enemy hands, for example 2500 messenger pigeons were burnt alive in 1914 in Belgium.

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