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By Eduardo H. Rapoport

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If the longer portions of the sticks broken at random into two pieces tend to represent three-quarters of the original length, we can suppose that each piece, broken again, will show the same three-quarters and one-quarter tendencies. e. 7, etc. , that is y = r n-\ a which is represented by a hatched line in Fig. 11. It is a decreasing geometric progression due to the fact that r < 1. The sum (S) of the first n terms is r - 1 This progression well describes the way in which the species divide their niches (Motomura, 1932, quoted by Whittaker, 1965, and 1970, p.

More centrifugal than centripetal. 9. 1 Anatomy1 and f Morphology1 of Areas Linear correlation between the number of internal subspecies and (i) total number of subspecies, (ii) species1 geographical range, and (iii) species1 perimeter. Sample size n = 63 mammal species. a and b, coefficients of the linear regression a r No. internal vs. total no. 979 No. internal subspecies vs. 030a No. internal subspecies vs. 0188 If, instead of using absolute values, correlation is calculated as percentage of internal subspecies vs.

Total number r = + 0 556 of subspecies internal subspecies (%) vs. total area r = + 0 513 of the species internal subspecies (%) vs. species1 perimeter r = + 0 705 ordii Dipodomys 20 10 8 26 4 17 154 1 1 1 6 1 4 64 18 No. 5 % subspecies int. 7 345 393 220 159 283 Area Calculated according to the circular model for the corresponding area. oastaneus irroratus Cratageomys Lyomys intermedius parva Perognathus bursarius Cvyptotis umbvinus Geomys T. 48 Thomomys talpoides No. 8. /calc perim. a The anatomy 1 and 'Morphology1 of Areas 30 Fig.

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