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Air, the Elemental Force Air, is not physical air, the kind we breathe, but is a deeper name for a Force. All the Elemental Forces are Forces only, but here is a good place to say “forces become forms” finally, in the end. Elemental Air is elemental movement, elemental ability to move, elemental moveability. Anything that moves by itself is alive, so the first evidence of Life is movement. The symbol for Air is a round circle colored blue against a background of orange. Each of the Elemental Forces has a symbol, a simple symbol, which can be considered a Talisman.

If you made a Talisman completely of squares you wouldn’t have anything moveable. But for heaven’s sake don’t experiment on these different things now until you know more. As a rule, your basic Talisman is round on the outside and then these other symbols should be placed inwardly from it on down the center. Actually, the center should be a square. Now we will refer briefly to the Element of Akasha, the Elemental Force of Akasha, and that is a sort of a strange shape. It is like two convex curves of various sizes but more likely to be a narrow one.

Because the symbol itself represents nothing, no thing, and of course you are not dealing with no things, you are dealing with some things. Also in making theseTalismans, you can put on the Talisman, somewhere, the astrological symbol of the god that rules that particular Plane again, but keep it distinctive in your mind so that it almost seems to be a distinction without a difference between the Elemental Force and the Plane. Making a Birth Talisman This section will contain diagrams consisting of a number of figures which are concerned, in this case, with your birth Talisman, your astrological birth sign.

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