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By Frances Sakoian

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You will there find the truth of nàma-råpa. If the mind is not composed and concentrated, it will go off thinking of this issue and that affair. However, once it is centred, it will think only of one single thing. The sound of this talk contacts your ears: If you determine to listen, then your mind will incline out to know and you hear that sound. This ‘hearing’ is termed consciousness. Upon listening whatever pleasure, pain or neither-pleasure-nor-pain is present is termed feeling. The mind inclines out to know, and to note and perceive; it can recollect the sounds and words spoken and is therefore able to bring them together and one can then get the idea.

You will need to search out the five aggregates or the nàma-råpa. When one encounters them one must also come to the true state of being which is the Truth of Suffering (Dukkha Sacca). This is because this Truth manifests in the five aggregates or nàma-råpa, which form a basis for it. Anyone aspiring to comprehend suffering must therefore focus investigation on the plane of wisdom and insight. The wisdom and insight of the Lord Buddha’s Teaching manifest in nàma-råpa. Without that nàmaråpa, wisdom and insight cannot arise.

Otherwise, it will be unquiet and restive. Focus so as to know the actual situation at this moment. Examine yourself. If there is still restlessness, then that restlessness itself will be a hindrance which blocks the mind from samadhi. See if such hindrances are present. Examine this nàma-råpa. This is the assembled (physical-) body (råpa-kàya) sitting here. However, it is not just an inanimate doll, for it is living matter together with mind. It has avenues by which the mind receives objects and various concerns and affairs sometimes via the eyes, or ears, or nose, or tongue, or body and sometimes via the mind (mano).

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