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By Biman Basu

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So, what am I doing? I am coming to the fact with an opinion - which is, I want that fact to be something other than what it is. But whereas when I realize the falseness of words in all that, when I see that, the fact only remains. Then the fact begins to translate itself; I do not have to do a thing about the fact; the fact itself does something. I do not know if you have tried all these things. We said that when one is aware of the fact, there is no distraction. Let us keep to that for the moment.

In the learning of all about it, there is an intensity, which is not born out of knowledge, but born out of learning. Learning about myself which is endless - is not the same as acquiring knowledge about myself; the two things are entirely different. The more I am learning about myself - the conscious, the unconscious, the whole of the inward movement of myself - , out of that there is integrity. And if I am merely acquiring knowledge about myself, gathering information about myself and being true to that which I have gathered, then in that there is a dualistic conflict - to the thing I have learnt, to that which I know, I must be true; and so there is the furthering of conflict.

And yet our life is a battle, and we have accepted it as a way of life. Now I would like to question that way. I mean by questioning not as a reaction against it; the questioning is not born out of the reaction against conflict. I see there is a consciousness of conflict, I see most human beings are caught in it, and I want to find out why it is like that - nor merely be satisfied with explanations or merely find the cause of the struggle - and to question deeply whether it is possible to live without conflict.

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