Autism: Professional perspectives and practice by Lorna Wing (auth.), Kathryn Ellis (eds.) PDF

By Lorna Wing (auth.), Kathryn Ellis (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9780412614507

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ISBN-13: 9781489969248

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That teacher doesn't want her in his school'. ' 'My social worker did come - well, I'll give anyone a cup of tea. Asked me what I wanted - a ball and chain to keep him in, I said. ' There is an art in using what is available and all these professional people do have their uses. They need to be cultivated, informed, trained, nurtured. But the people who need them most may be least able, in their exhausted and grief-stricken state, to approach others positively. All of us concerned with the child's family, in whatever capacity, need to know that, in these early years, we are dealing with a bereavement.

There are likely to be more rules than would generally be the case. The philosophy of intervention can be more consistently applied. Parents are less isolated. The staff ratio is often more favourable. And the school ethos enables teachers to assume that a class of six children equals not one class but six individual classes. The curriculum itself has been worked out with autism as the starting point. The peculiarities of 'autese' have been lived with and, bearing in mind that it can take something like 2 years of living with autism to begin to understand the condition, that is a considerable advantage.

Sometimes it seems that obsessions are the most motivating influence in their lives, perhaps the only motivation. They can affect the whole day as well as essential routines such as eating, sleeping, toilet-training and general management. They may include self-mutilation, the collecting of bizarre objects no one dares discourage, turning and spinning objects - or the child him or herself, repeating tasks, refusing to accept changes outside the familiar, mannerisms which mark out an otherwise normal-looking child from others, rituals, pica, destructive actions, possibly aggressive and anti-social actions.

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Autism: Professional perspectives and practice by Lorna Wing (auth.), Kathryn Ellis (eds.)

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