Autobiographical Poems (Cambridge Medieval Classics, Volume by Gregory of Nazianzus PDF

By Gregory of Nazianzus

ISBN-10: 0521472814

ISBN-13: 9780521472814

The autobiographical poems of Gregory of Nazianzus, fourth-century Father of the Greek Church, are notable not just for a hugely person photograph of the Byzantine global but in addition for moments which are intimate, passionate and relocating. This booklet includes Greek textual content and dealing with English translation of a range from his 100 or so surviving poems.

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Shouts mingled with weeping were heard 140 from sailors, helmsman, officers and passengers10 alike all calling on Christ with one accord, even those who had been agnostics hitherto: for fear provides an opportune lesson. Of all our misfortunes the most terrible 145 was that the ship was without water, for when it began to pitch, the barrel containing the sweet treasure of water broke open and was scattered over the deep. Hunger, choppy seas and winds competed to see which could turn us into corpses first.

For although my father was well aware of my views, he forced me to accept a place 340 inferior only to the bishop's throne - 1 don't know why. Maybe he was motivated by fatherly love (for terrible is the love which is combined with power), 30 31 32 Cf. Galatians 6: 7. Gregory here refers to the secular clergy. Gregory is referring to his ordination as priest.

20 T7EPI TON EAYTOY BION 130 ocpas ETEJJIVOV TTOVTOV EU0U5 'EAAdSos. KuTrpou T a TrAEupd* Kai cn-dais TGOV 7rv£U|iaTcov E^pa^E TT]V vauv Kai TCX TrdvT* f)v vu£ (iia* yf\, TTOVTOS, aiOfip, o u p a v o s £O9OO|JEVOS' (3povTai 5* ETrfjxouv doTpaTTcov Tivdyiaacjiv, 135 KaAoi 6' Epox^ouv iaTicov TrAripoupiEvcov. EKAIVEV iaTos, oiaKcov 5' OU6EV a0Evos* y a p f)p7rd£ovTo X £l P°S auxsvES. 6 s UTTEpTOixouvTos 05aTOS (3of) 5ECTU[i|jiiyf|sTE Kai 6pf|vcov TTAECOS 140 VaUTCOV, KEAEUaTCOV, SsaTTOTCbv, XpiaTOV KaAouvTcov EK piiocs Kai TCOV, o a o i TO irpoaSEV f]yvoouv 6 E 6 V 6 y a p 9o(3os 6i5ay|jia KaipicoTEpov.

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