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By Rebecca Goings

ISBN-10: 1897261284

ISBN-13: 9781897261286

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Dear God, is she humming in there? He swallowed hard, trying not to think about her soapy skin, but it was nearly impossible. He knew he'd probably seen her naked many times during his life before, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't conjure the image in his memory, and his curiosity got the better of him. Standing from the bed, he limped over to the closed bathroom door and opened it. A wall of steam hit him in the face. Lucky for Rogan, the door didn't squeal on its hinges. The shower was a stall with an opaque glass door, so he could see the vague outline of Marlie's body through it.

Uttering a cry laced with shock and pain, he went down, unable to run any longer. His soft grey fur was already matted with blood, and panic overtook him as he wondered if he was going to die in his shifted state. He tried to crawl away but knew it was futile, as his keen ears could already hear the approaching footsteps of the one who'd shot him. Soft whimpers escaped him, and he would have had tears in his eyes—if he'd been human. Deep despair tugged at him, and he cursed himself for making it all the way to the wilds of Alaska only to be shot by an over-zealous gunman who was moving in on his wife.

He turned his gaze to Marlie, and she visibly shuddered. "I do,” she said. " "I'm so sorry, Marlie. For everything. " Her eyes shone with unshed tears. ” She grabbed something that was on a chain underneath her shirt. ” he asked. Marlie looked as if she were reluctant to show him. But after a moment of silence, she pulled it out. " The diamonds sparkled in the firelight as she held it up. " Marlie sniffled. “It took me a year to take it off my finger. " She looked at him once more, and all he wanted to do was lean over and kiss her despite the pain in his leg.

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